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Stockmar Opaque Watercolor Replacement

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The Opaque Colors are based on Goethe's color circle and have unique luminosity . This is due to the fact that the concentration of the color pigments in our Opaque colors is particularly intense. As a result the colors are richer, and remain powerful even when heavily diluted.

Stockmar Opaque colors are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolor painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.

Stockmar Opaque Colorbox Replacement Single Color Cup. These are sold to replace Stockmar Opaque Colors. What a great way to only replace the color you need.

cardboard box, content: 1 piece, diameter: 1.2 inches, 12 colors available

color: 01 carmine red | 02 vermilion | 04 golden yellow | 05 lemon yellow | 08 blue green | 10 ultramarine | 12 purple | 13 rust | 15 black | 18 Prussian blue | 33 orange | 36 sap green


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