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Poppy Trading Cards

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Nature inspired trading cards for explorers of every age.

Poppy Cards are a gift to my three daughters and to anyone with a whim for the wild. They are a collaboration from the hearts and studios of several nature-loving artists. They are thank you notes to the earth.

Each collection includes 16 handcrafted nature cards plus 4 create your own cards. Look out for the coveted "California Poppy" card in select decks. All printed on FSC certified recycled stock.

As we enjoy natural meet-cute moments with local flora and fauna, a reciprocal kinship is formed, and we feel more at home in the world. We say hello to the Cooper’s hawk soaring overhead. We nod to our native history with the invigorating scent of black sage. And we expand and contract like sea anemones with the changing of tides.

I hope you find yourself in these small treasure collections and remember your evergreen belonging in the natural world.


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