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Debresk Toy Tow Truck w/ Mini Car

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Nearly 35 years ago, the Swedish company Debresk was founded by three friends from a Waldorf school. They began making their wooden toys in an old storehouse on a biodynamic farm. It was their intention to contribute to a feeling of balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect of the growing child when playing with the smoothly shaped, natural color wooden toy. Debresk feels that a toy can stimulate fantasy and creativity while cultivating an appreciation of beauty. A toy can convey an impression or knowledge about the world for a child. Mercurius and Debresk agree that we both want to contribute to a world where less “wear and tear and throw away" culture reigns with its negative environmental and human impact. Toys should be something to take care of and protect so that it will not be damaged. By allowing children play with living materials like wood requiring care, we help our children to grow up in a world worth taking care of.

Description: The crane swivels and has a crank.  Wood, length: 4.72 inches, height: 3.94 inches, width: 2.75 inches (12 x 10 x 7 cm).


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